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The Magic You Can Perform When You Let Go of Logic

Presented By:

Rory Sutherland - Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

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Rory Sutherland has spent 30 years in the advertising industry in the strange pursuit of effective solutions that don't make sense. In the process, he has made a strange discovery: that all businesses are insanely preoccupied with trying to make business and marketing more scientific... and they're mostly using the wrong kind of science. In short they are trying to find certainties of Newtonian Physics in a field that simply does not process them.

Human psychology has evolved, it has not been designed. And, consequently, the skills we need to understand what is instinctive and rational behavior for a human being are a long way from the ones which standard economics provides. The good news is that, once we better understand how humans have evolved to think, decide, and act, it becomes possible to perform a kind of magic - where very small changes to products and services can result in momentous changes to the effectiveness of business.


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