2019 Conference

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The Brain of the Bank

Presented By:

Greg Demas - SVP, PrecisionLender

Andy Max - Managing Director, Treasury, First National Bank of Omaha

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Watch the Video "The Magic You Can Perform When You Let Go of Logic"

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In today's hyper-competitive Commercial Banking landscape, customer experience and speed to funding are two of the most important differentiators for your brand. A holistic, integrated technology stack spanning your front and back offices is no longer a nice to have; it is foundational to your success.

PrecisionLender refers to this as the Brain of the Bank; a fully integrated application ecosystem comprising of CRM, Pricing & Profitability Management and LOS.

Join us, along with some of our CRM and LOS partners, in exploring why Pricing and Profitability Management is such a critical component of this ecosystem and see live demos of the value this is adding to both banks and their customers.


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