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Matt Dunsmoor

Matt Dunsmoor

Optimist Instructor, Simon Sinek

Everything Matt Dunsmoor does is designed to help leaders and organizations be more intentional with their choices. He’s obsessed with exploring the future of work and what’s possible when organizations sit on the foundation of a strong, values-based culture. He imagines a world in which workplaces are intent on creating powerful, supportive cultures so that people can focus on living a balanced life. He lives for “A-ha!” moments and loves celebrating the growth of others.

Matt's passion really took flight in 2015 when he attended one of Simon’s WHY Discovery Workshops. After experiencing the process and seeing the impact it had on him and his colleagues, he advocated adopting Simon’s methods into their company culture, eventually becoming a workshop facilitator and trainer himself. 

In the years since, Matt has traveled the world, sharing Simon’s concepts and his own insights to help teams and leaders clarify their WHY. He aims to equip his clients with the tools to develop their leaders and company cultures into those reflective of this newfound clarity.

As an Elder Millennial, Matt sits at the cusp between Gen Y and Gen Z, allowing him to relate with groups that span the generational divide. The same can be said about his diverse professional background which includes experience in marketing and sales, software product management, customer service, and organizational governance consulting. During his time working with companies to restructure their organizational governance, Matt helped his clients implement practices such as self-management and Holacracy.

Matt has not only worked with global organizations with employees in the hundreds of thousands, but he is also a small business owner and founder, so he has seen firsthand how this work can impact organizations of all sizes and stages.

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