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Gita Thollesson

Senior Solutions Strategist, Q2

Gita Thollesson is a Senior Strategic Business Advisor at Q2. Her focus is on helping clients maximize relationship profitability through actionable market insights. Prior to joining Q2, she spent 12 years at S&P Global Market Intelligence as Director of Analytics for S&P’s commercial loan middle and lower middle market information and advisory business, where she was charged with growing banks' top-line revenue through proprietary fee, interest income, and ROE enhancing initiatives within the constraints of competitive markets.

Thollesson has nearly 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, most of which has been in the commercial banking market. Prior to joining S&P, she held management positions with Automated Financial Systems as Manager of Analytics and Loan Pricing Corporation as SVP and Director of Portfolio Valuation Services and Director of Middle Market Analytics. During her tenure with Loan Pricing Corporation, Thollesson designed, developed, launched and marketed several performance oriented analytic products to help banks across the U.S. and Canada maximize revenue while remaining competitive. She also worked with Salomon Brothers as an equity analyst and with Data Resources Inc. as a financial consultant.

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