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Brandi Haymore

Director, BankOnPurpose

Brandi is the Director of BankOnPurpose and oversees the development and cross functional execution of PrecisionLender’s executive events strategy.  Prior to joining PrecisionLender in 2014, she spent nine years helping Fortune 500 companies bring their brands to life in NASCAR.

Brandi is also part of the culture team for PrecisionLender where she focuses on fostering a work environment where employees are connected to each other, their work, company purpose and core values to help drive a positive employee and customer experience. 

Whether it is her work with PrecisionLender or as a Les Mills fitness instructor, she strives to bring her purpose into all that touches. 

Brandi’s purpose is to “Be the MOM – create Moments Of Magic with love and laughter.”
A mom has a magical way of making those around her feel special and unique.  She is trustworthy, hardworking, compassionate and cares unconditionally.  She can give you an hour when you expect a minute.  She’s your biggest cheerleader and helps make dreams come true.  Having children isn’t what defines you as being a mom.  It is the feeling and comfort you bring to others when you are around.

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