The Purposeful Banker Awards

honoring the best in the industry.

Award Descriptions

  • Bank of the Year (Team)

    Bank of the Year (Team)

    This team’s leadership and commitment to digital transformation, their customers, staff and community led to building a stronger team, brand, and bank with purpose.

    This award is for a team that:
    • Trail blaze key technology initiatives to positively impact their staff, customers and community
    • Innovate the customer experience, capturing new customers and deepening their relationships with existing customers
    • Proactively respond to evolving customer needs
    • Collaborates cross-functionally to upgrade internal processes, drive operational excellence and efficiencies

  • Banker of the Year (Individual)

    Banker of the Year (Individual)

    This individual shone on the front lines this year, winning deals that balanced the needs of the customer with those of the bank.

    This award is for a banker who:
    • Delivers a superior customer experience to each of their clients by understanding their problems and crafting personalized scenarios to fit their needs
    • Builds an exceeding bottom line by understanding what is impactful to the bank and flipping their conversations to extend beyond just rate and term
    • Builds meaningful relationships within their community by the work they do every day
    • Creates an exceptional brand for the bank through each of the above

The 2019 Purposeful Banker Award Winners will:

  • Be recognized by their peers at the 2019 BankOnPurpose Conference in Austin, Texas
  • Banker of the Year will receive a complimentary registration to the conference
  • Bank of the Year will receive two complimentary registrations to the conference
  • All winners will receive complimentary airfare to and from the conference, and complimentary lodging
  • Receive a prestigious award during the Purposeful Banker Awards ceremony
  • Have their story shared with thousands of colleagues in a PrecisionLender blog post and across social media

Meet the 2018 Award Winners

  • PBA Winner - Lance Hatzenbeller

    Banker of the Year (Individual)

    Lance Hatzenbeller

    Idaho Central CU

  • PBA Winner - Peter Kelley

    Digital Transformation Award (Team)

    Peter Kelley

    TD Bank

  • PBA Winner - Elio Pegorer

    Change Agent Award (Individual)

    Elio Pegorer

    Rabobank, Australia New Zealand Group

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2018 Award Winners

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