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  • Opening Remarks

  • Don’t Forget About Slow: How (and Why) to Build Balance into Your Business

    In recent years, the pendulum of business strategy has swung hard towards moving fast, digitizing everything, and optimizing for ultra-efficiency. But what happens when the pendulum swings back and the world changes again? From the global shipping crisis to our hiring practices, example after example shows that the best companies build diversity into their strategies. They balance speed with patience and intention, technology with humanity, efficiency with creativity. The result? Resilient industries, product diversity for consumers and businesses, and company cultures built for the long haul.

    Join Q2 Chief Technology Officer Adam Blue to hear how intentionality can be more powerful than speed for long-term success.

  • Doing Digital: A Modern Bank’s Guide to Thrive

    Digital Transformation. It's everywhere and it's touching just about every industry. But because it's a phrase that's used so much, it's starting to get… well, confusing. So, what do you do when you're tasked with the Digital Transformation at your bank? Where do you start? What challenges will you face? How will you navigate those challenges? The questions are quite possibly endless.

    Join Katherine Weislogel (Synovus Bank), Farrukh Aman (Scotiabank), and Shon Cass (Texas Security Bank) as they share success stories from their banks and how they are dealing with the changes that come with digital banking. And ultimately, you'll get the answer to, "Is it all worth it?

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  • Growth is a Thinking Game

    The one thing about growth is it is never one thing. It isn’t about hiring the best employees or delivering the most incredible customer experience or launching the most innovative products – it is all of them, working in combination.

    To achieve growth, we must out-think and out-execute our competition. We must find ways to ignite a beginner’s mind that is open to new ideas and ways of doing things. We can’t fall back on old habits and say, ‘that isn’t the way we do it here,’ or ‘we tried that a few years ago and it didn’t work.’ As business leaders, we must be willing to disrupt ourselves if we expect those around us to be able to respond to disruptions.

    In this session, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and bestselling author of Growth IQ, inspires attendees to take planned action with a greater understanding of the interdependencies in the decisions made around growth. During the session, she will share the Growth IQ framework including several of the “10 Growth Paths” covered in her book.

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  • Lunch & Book Signing with Tiffani Bova