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  • BankOnPurpose Opening Remarks

  • The Efficiency Myth: Why Technology Won’t Set Your Bank Apart

    There is a standoff taking place within financial institutions between those who are eager to implement new technology that'll create efficiencies and those who are latching on to the risks tied to an uncertain future. This divide is causing disdain between groups and an inability to get important things done. But as these banks rush (or slowly crawl) to implement new, helpful technology, they also run the risk of becoming just like the bank next door – a bank stripped of humanity just to have technology that get things done more efficiently.

    So what is going to help them heal that divide? And how do banks look to the future in a technology-driven world? Join Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, and Author, as she shares how to unlock efficiency that will drive better outcomes, how banks can build a foundation of trust internally and with their customers, and what banks can do to stand out the industry is rushing to be efficient… and exactly the same.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees.

  • Breakout Session: Commercial Banking Best Practices

    Given the challenges in the commercial banking market, how are the best banks achieving loan growth, deposit growth and risk-adjusted relationship profitability concurrently? Join us as we discuss the specific tactics that go beyond using price as a key lever, which enable bankers to win profitable business and outperform their peers across multiple metrics. We’ll discuss strategies from the bank level to sales leaders to individual relationship managers, delving into the approaches that allow some banks to rise above the pack.

  • Breakout Session: A Strategy for Your Strategy

    There comes a point for every business when they need to take a step back – assess their current strategy, determine what changes need to be made, and then communicate that new and improved vision to all the stakeholders.

    Much easier said than done. Before you dive into this process, you need a clear…well…strategy, for how you’re going to accomplish.

    In this session, Will Furrer, Chief Strategy Officer for Q2, will take you through his journey to update Q2’s strategy. He’ll be joined by Embarcadero one of the key people who helped him build out a process and follow it through to its successful conclusion.

  • Connect: Lunch

  • Clockspeed: The Evolution of Banking

    The banking industry is changing… and fast. Over the years, we've seen other industries face the same kind of change, some navigating successfully, and others spending exorbitant amounts of money to no avail. Join Carl Ryden, SVP and General Manager at PrecisionLender, as he shares the different clockspeeds of various industries, how fast they move, and the benefits of each. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of where the banking industry is headed – from customers' expectations to the software that's driving it all – and how to develop the skills within your organization to operate at a high clockspeed.

  • Breakout Session: Driving Change for Better Outcomes for a Better Bank

    "If you could change one thing about your bank, what would it be?" We asked this question to a large group of bankers and their responses were both enlightening and a bit shocking. In this interactive breakout session, we'll dive into your most common challenges and show you how Andi, PrecisionLender’s intelligent virtual analyst, can drive change while helping your bankers execute on new, helpful strategies at your bank.

  • Breakout Session: Impact Your Bottom Line: Become a Purpose-Driven Organization

    How does one bank go from disengaged to engaged and being named a 2019 American Banker Best Places to Work For in 18 months? Join Doug Williams, President and CEO, Rich Oglesby, General Banking Executive, and Kurt Shreiner, Corporate Services Executive, at Atlantic Capital Bank as they share their journey to fueling prosperity for their clients, shareholders, employees, and community. This session will highlight the path they took to becoming a purpose-driven organization, the impact of having a purpose-driven organization, and the next steps on their journey to remaining a purpose-driven organization.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees.

  • Purposeful Banker Awards

    In 2017, we set out to recognize financial institutions and bankers who are making a tremendous impact within their organizations and community. Over the past three years, incredible bankers have walked across the BankOnPurpose stage to collect their well-earned awards. Join us in congratulating our 2020 Purposeful Banker Award Winners – Banker of the Year, Banker of the Year, and Most Philanthropic Bank of the Year!

  • Doing Digital: A Modern Bank’s Guide to Thrive

    Digital Transformation. It's everywhere and it's touching just about every industry. But because it's a phrase that's used so much, it's starting to get… well, confusing. So, what do you do when you're tasked with the Digital Transformation at your bank? Where do you start? What challenges will you face? How will you navigate those challenges? The questions are quite possibly endless.

    Join Sam Maule, Managing Partner at 11:FS, as he'll share success stories from banks that are leading the digital banking age. You'll learn how banks are dealing with the changes that come with digital banking. And ultimately, you'll get the answer to, "Is it all worth it?"

  • Fintech Insider Podcast – Live Show

    Have you ever seen a live recording of a podcast? If not, consider this your lucky day. Join Sam Maule, Carl Ryden and a group of bankers as they record an episode of the Fintech Insider podcast live from the BankOnPurpose stage. Go grab yourself a drink and get ready for deep insights, witty remarks, and lots of laughs.

  • Connect: Dinner & Party

    Continue the BankOnPurpose momentum with a party on Thursday evening at Easy Tiger. We’ve got dinner, drinks and music covered!