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  • Breakfast

  • Closing the Gaps to Happiness for Your Customers and Your Bank

    Banks have long been mis-aligned with positive outcomes for the customer. It's time to think and act on how to make your bank more valuable to your customer rather than making your customer more valuable to your bank. Curt Queyrouze, President of TAB Bank, will share some of the roadblocks he's been able to overcome and how to lead and drive change in an effective and impactful way within your bank.

  • Banking Transformation 2.0: Time to Get Real

    Trying to drive innovation in a bank can often feel like a lonely, daunting task. It doesn’t have to be that way – as Leda Glyptis will show. In her role as Chief of Staff at the fintech consultancy 11:FS and previously as the Chief Innovation Officer for Qatar National Bank, Glyptis has pushed countless transformation projects across the finish line. She’ll share her tips on how to focus on the right type of innovation and how to find the right path forward.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees

  • Thinking In Bets

    In poker and throughout our lives, we should try to maximize the time we spend in favorable situations and minimize our time in unfavorable ones. Poker players are too quick to quit when they are winning. They look for any excuse to put the session in the (non-existent) win column, and the same players will refuse to quit a losing game. The same thing happens outside poker: sales professionals not giving up on a dead lead; investors unwilling to sell their losing investments. Annie Duke examines how the interaction of many cognitive biases (including loss aversion and sunk–cost bias) drives this behavior. These tendencies cause us to miss good opportunities and continue playing when the odds are against us. She provides strategies that prevent us initially making these poor decisions and how to take a longer term view. The strategies apply in the workplace, to parenting and to other personal decisions.

  • Connect: Lunch