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  • Breakfast

  • Opening Remarks

    To open the fourth annual BankOnPurpose, we welcome banks that are forward-thinking, change agents and eager to focus on customer-centric approaches that translate to better performance and making banking a proud business around which communities were built.

  • The Magic You Can Perform When You Let Go of Logic

    Rory Sutherland has spent 30 years in the advertising industry in the strange pursuit of effective solutions that don't make sense. In the process, he has made a strange discovery: that all businesses are insanely preoccupied with trying to make business and marketing more scientific….. and they're mostly using the wrong kind of science. In short they are trying to find the certainties of Newtonian Physics in a field which simply does not possess them.

    Human psychology has evolved, it has not been designed. And, consequently, the skills we need to understand what is instinctive and rational behavior for a human being are a long way from the ones which standard economics provides. The good news is that, once we better understand how humans have evolved to think, decide and act, it becomes possible to perform a kind of magic – where very small changes to products and services can result in momentous changes to the effectiveness of business.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees.

  • Leading From Purpose: Clarity and Confidence to Act in Times of Uncertainty

    Based on his extensive experience working with 15,000+ executives from across the globe—ranging from the top-team at Ben & Jerry’s to bankers in Amsterdam—Nick Craig discusses how to thrive rather than just survive in a world of uncertainty by living and leading from purpose. He will help delegates understand why purpose has gone from being optional to necessary in today’s banking environment. Nick will bring his first-hand experience of helping international banks bring purpose alive—from helping the Development Bank of Singapore define its organizational purpose to rolling out purpose to the top 5,000 leaders at a global bank. Nick will help us all understand how we can leverage purpose as an antidote to uncertainty.

  • Breakout Session: Brain of the Bank

    In today’s hyper-competitive Commercial Banking landscape, customer experience is the most important differentiator for your brand. A holistic, integrated technology stack spanning your front and back offices is no longer a nice to have; it is foundational to your success.

    PrecisionLender refers to this as the Brain of the Bank: a fully integrated application ecosystem comprising CRM, Pricing & Profitability Management and LOS.

    Join us in exploring these critical components and see live demos of the value this is adding to both banks and their customers.

  • Breakout Session: How to Access Purpose and Lead From It

    In a chaotic and uncertain world, leveraging purpose helps individuals find the clarity, focus and confidence to lead and empower others. It enables leaders to bring their full and most powerful, authentic selves to every situation. Nick will discuss the three primary gateways to unlocking purpose. Learning how to access these gateways opens the door to the purpose that has been leading us our whole lives. We can finally begin to own it and to lead from it. Each participant will explore one of the gateways and begin the journey to accessing purpose.

  • Connect: Lunch

  • Closing the Loop: Creating a Bias to Action in Banking and Beyond

    Gather data from each action, learn from that data, and then coach relationship managers on how to use those learnings to take action, and achieve better outcomes. Sounds simple, right? But it often isn’t. Carl Ryden, CEO of PrecisionLender, will share and explore the Applied Banking Insights loop. He'll explain how banks can ensure their data gathering and analysis provides a pathway to action for bankers, rather than gathering dust in a silo somewhere in a remote corner of the bank.

  • Breakout Session: Right Tools, Right Training, Right Talent – Building an RM Dream Team

    Competition for top talent is fierce, and you want to make sure you're building an all-star team. A lot of banks turn to incentive plans to attract and keep employees engaged and performing at their best. But how do you know your incentive plans are efficient and effective? Join us as we sit down with Dave Paulson, EVP of Wholesale Banking at United Bank, and Stephanie Moline, EVP at First National Bank of Omaha, to discuss how you can provide the best compensation, management, and training for your team.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees

  • Leading Change Through Diversity & Inclusion

    Diverse teams – particularly those that include women–can be a competitive advantage. Debbie Madden will explore the role of diversity in transformative change, why diverse teams outperform less diverse ones, and how to use an Agile, iterative approach to diversity and inclusion that delivers value to customers and institutions.

  • Fireside Chat: Leading Change Through Diversity & Inclusion

    Following her keynote, Debbie Madden will lead a panel discussion to recount stories of building and leading a diverse team along with tangible takeaways for your bank. They will also discuss how increasing diversity creates a competitive advantage and is the best way to achieve a high performing team while also facilitating a positive working culture and creating community and inclusion.

  • Purposeful Banker Awards

    The Purposeful Banker Awards honor the best in the industry. You can’t build a brand, team, and relationships without people who are truly dedicated the purpose of the bank. Join us in hearing the stories of the 2019 winners while presenting them with their award.

  • Dinner & Party

    Continue the BankOnPurpose momentum with a party on Thursday evening at Lucille