Connect. Share. Grow. Here’s what to expect this year.

  • Breakfast

  • BankOnPurpose: Opening Remarks

    To open the third annual BankOnPurpose, we welcome banks that are forward-thinking, change agents and eager to focus on customer-centric approaches that translate to better performance and making banking a proud business around which communities were built.  Hear from PrecisionLender CEO & Co-Founder Carl Ryden about the idea behind BankOnPurpose and why it will offer more valuable takeaways than any other industry conference.

  • Digital Transformation: Keep Your Customers & Employees Happy in Today’s Digital Age

    We’re watching as the financial industry is changing at a rapid pace. As the world goes digital, the effectiveness of these technological advances will depend on leadership, one-to-one interaction, and your bank’s approach to risk and corporate culture.

    In this session, Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, will discuss how adding a human element to your digital interactions and technological advances will keep your customers and your employees happy. He’ll share how to continue to drive authenticity within your culture, despite the ever-changing landscape.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees

  • Sales: Unleashing High-Impact Sales Enablement

    In today’s challenging environment—where RMs are managing large books of increasingly sophisticated clients—commercial banking executives are looking for the best ways to unleash the performance of their sales force.  In this session, Joanne Pollitt, Principal Executive Advisor of CEB, now Gartner will share research findings and why banks should invest in customer interaction, supported by process and examples of what banks must improve in customer-RM interaction.

  • Commercial Lending: The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity

    Ever wondered what a "good" Commercial Lending Operating model looks like? In today's environment, key levers to pull to get to "good" include revenue growth, operational cost savings, and credit loss reduction. You'll learn how each of these key levers along with data and real time pricing will lead your bank to success.

  • Breakout Session: Driving Better Results Through Sales Enablement

    There is power in breaking down the silos within your bank and connecting technology to create a cohesive system. By integrating PrecisionLender and Salesforce, you can maximize the value of your customer relationships. Learn how two banks use workflows between systems to take measurable data and drive better results for their banks.

  • Breakout Session: Windows on the Future

    Current banking products are commoditized and stale and are making it a challenge to acquire customers. A major commercial banking priority for 2018 is to change the commercial banking product to create new opportunities for growth. Learn how technology will reshape the commercial banking industry from data gathering to the role of RMs, and where banks are investing in technology for growth.

  • Lunch

  • Cultural Change: Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Make Your Bank More Successful

    Have you ever wondered why your coworker made that completely irrational choice? Turns out, a lot of human behavior isn’t as rational as we tend to believe.

    In this session, Kristen Berman, Co-founder of Common Cents Lab and Irrational Labs, shares why we act irrationally and how your bank can use insights from human behavior to improve its business. She'll bring real life examples from a variety of companies who’ve used behavioral economics in an innovative way and you’ll walk away with information you can use at your bank AND in your personal life.

  • Breakout Session: Making Your Lending Process More Efficient

    Time-to-market is a key component in making your deals stand out among the competition and provides a better customer experience. But to do this, you need to make your lending process more efficient. Hear from two banks who've used PrecisionLender and nCino technology to make their lending process quicker and more efficient, ultimately creating a better customer experience.

  • Breakout Session: Using AI/ML in Banking to Drive Better Behaviors

    There have been huge advances in AI, especially over the past couple of years. Now it's time to parse through the attention around AI and machine learning to define what makes sense for your organization. Learn from other companies on how you can use AI/ML at your bank to drive value today.

  • Connect: Networking & Refreshment Break

    Meet and mingle with other conference attendees

  • Bank Culture: Recruit and Hire a Highly Engaged, World Class Team

    You may remember Mikey Trafton from our BankOnPurpose 2016 Conference where he shared a three-part framework to building a world class culture. This year, Mikey will share his secrets for a building a team that is a rock-solid a culture fit and incredibly productive.

    In this session, Mikey will share how to perfect your job descriptions and attract the best talent, the most effective ways to interview, and how to make candidate’s feel loved, so that they’ll accept your job offer.

  • Purposeful Banker Awards

    The Purposeful Banker Awards honor the best in the industry. You can’t build a brand, team, and relationships without people who are truly dedicated the purpose of the bank. Join us in hearing the stories of the 2018 winners while presenting them with their award.

  • Dine-Around Dinners

  • Connect: Austin After Dark

    On Thursday evening we’ll have dine-around dinners but why should the conversations stop there?  After dinner we’d like to invite you to an event on the terrace at Speakeasy, a local hot spot located in Congress Corridor. The terrace has a rooftop view of downtown Austin and will be the perfect spot to grab a drink and network with others.

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